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Planned giving


Planned giving:The SACL's vision for the future is a world where people are valued and live lives of their choice. The Association offers five planned giving programs to encourage people to become a benefactor while receiving tax benefit for support.

Bequest in a will: A bequest allows a benefactor to make a difference in the community by making a gift of cash or property in their will. This is a simple method of giving to a charity and is an integral part of an estate plan. The gift can be tailored to an individual's wishes and can provide a tax benefit to the estate.

Life insurance: A gift of life insurance to the SACL allows an individual to make a significant contribution at a relatively modest cost. The gift can be of an existing policy or a new one. Properly structured, the gift can provide tax benefits to the donor or the donor's estate.

Gifts of residual interest: A donor might continue to enjoy his or her prized possessions, yet support the Association at the same time. This type of deferred gift allows the donor to make the donation, but still enjoy the gift until death. A donor might give the residual gift of artwork or real estate to the SACL to be given over at the time of death. This gift requires that the property be irrevocably transferred to the charity. The donor is then entitled to a tax receipt for the current value of the residual interest.

Charitable remainder trust: In this type of planned gift, the donor creates a trust funded with securities, real estate or cash. An irrevocable gift of the remainder interest in the trust is made to a charity like SACL. The donor retains the income for the rest of his or her life, or for a specified number of years. This deferred gift can provide benefits to the donor and his or her estate as well as supporting the Association's work.

Gift plus annuity: This plan combines the donor's gift to the Association with an annuity that the Association purchases on behalf of the donor through a licensed insurance company. Donors will receive a tax receipt at the time of the donation, and guaranteed annuity payment during their lifetime.

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