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Employment Opportunities

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The SACL has long believed that people with intellectual disabilities can and want to learn to be valuable employees of any business or industry. For decades, the organization supported people in a program called Training on the Job. Support staff helped match employers with potential employees and offered job coaching support and a temporary subsidy to support the employer while the individual learned the ropes. Today, SACL's Employment Opportunities is a program built on that tradition.

Employment Opportunities makes the goal of a real job in the community one that is possible for people with intellectual disabilities. This program is designed to support people with intellectual disabilities as they look for jobs, move to a new career or look ahead to leaving high school. It also offers services and support to employers and businesses who have job opportunities. The program is funded through the government's Department of Learning. Employment Consultants use a fund called Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD) to bring together prospective employers and people with disabilities who are looking for work.

High school students and families want to plan for what happens after graduation. The Association's Employment Consultants also work with high school educators, students and families to support the transition of students with intellectual disabilities from high school into the world of work, further education and adult life experiences. Consultants work with schools, businesses, employment programs, funding resources and families to foster partnerships and to meet the needs of potential employees and employers.

Systemic improvements are necessary to create change. The SACL has lobbied government for a variety of post-secondary training programs through community colleges and SIAST campuses so that opportunities to gain better employment skills exist for people with disabilities. Currently, options in training and employment are very limited and the Association wants to change the status quo. Partnerships are essential to make the best use of expertise and resources. The Association partners with programs such as the Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation to develop supported employment experience opportunities for students while they are still in school.

Employment Consultants are based in Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert. To contact the Provincial Coordinator or an Employment Consultant assigned to your part of the province, call (306) 955-3344, fax (306) 373-3070 or email [email protected].

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