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50th Anniversary Activities

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Plans underway for 50th celebrations, national conference

Karen Cherwoniak is the chair of the CACL Conference and AGM 2005/SACL Conference and AGM 2005 committee. The November joint event will be held during SACL’s 50th Anniversary year. Several sub-committees have been organized to handle a multitude of hospitality, transportation, conference support, fundraising, anniversary celebrations, entertainment and communications.

Watch Dialect for news on SACL’s 50th and the CACL/SACL conference in 2005.


This competition is now closed and our judges are working through the entries. Check back here to find out who won and to learn more about the traveling Fifty Faces photo exhibit that will mark SACL’s 50 anniversary

A Photographic Competition
and Traveling Exhibition

to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the
Saskatchewan Association for Community Living

Fifty Faces will begin in 2004 with a province-wide search for extraordinary photographs of the intimate and inclusive moments in the lives of people with and without intellectual disabilities. These powerful and moving images will be displayed to the public in Saskatchewan throughout the 50th Anniversary year of the SACL in 2005. These captured moments will celebrate the bonds between family and friends and the value and worth of each individual with an intellectual disability throughout the province. These spontaneous glimpses will help the public rejoice in the community, kinship and friendship that exists between people with intellectual disabilities and others.

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