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Upcoming Events...

The Saskatchewan Family Network Holiday Potluck


Come and join the Saskatchewan Family Network for a potluck supper on Sunday December 7th, 2008  at the SACL offices. There will be opportunities for parents to network, a respite workshop and a presentation by SAAG, followed by supper and festivities.

Please come and join us for the holiday fun and for more information on the event please click here.

To register for this event please click here.

Late Breaking News....

The John Dolan library has moved....

The John Dolan Library has moved! At the beginning of November employees from Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation moved a significant portion of the resources from the John Dolan Library to the Stewart Resources Centre (SRC). The John Dolan collection will now be a part of the over 20,000 books and audiovisual resources, 350 journals and 200 teacher prepared units of the SRC.

To view the SRC online catalogue please go to or click here. If you are looking for a specific item from the John Dolan collection please use the keyword John Dolan in your search.

RDSP Information

 Click here to find out more about the Registered Disability Savings Plan, and scroll down to the RDSP calculator to see how this can benefit your family member.

SACL's new School to Life Transition Manual is available online. Click here  for your copy.


Ongoing Projects and Important News You Should Know About...

The Deinstitutionalization Coalition of Saskatchewan regularly posts new information. Click here to find out more.

SACL's Individualized Funding/Individually Funded Services Demonstration Project is underway. Click here to read IF and IFS in Saskatchewan. Individualized Funding is happening across Canada.

SACL is a member of the Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC), advocating for a distinct, adequate income program for people with disabilities in Saskatchewan. To find out more about DISC, go to there website or click here for the DISC fact sheet.

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living

We believe:

Rights and freedoms are respected and protected, and people have the opportunity to meet obligations as participating and contributing citizens.

People with intellectual disabilities belong to families, friends, and neighborhoods, with full access to and participation in schools, places of work, and the community as a whole.

Having an active and decisive voice in the decisions that affect our lives.

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