The Saskatchewan Family Network

Do you have a family member with a disability? So do we!

The new Family Network Newsletter is availableClick here to download.

Register Early for Upcoming Events:
Sibling Retreat in Saskatoon on February 22-23rd, 2008.  Click here for details.

On April 11, 2008, the Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society is having a conference on "The Connection between Behaviour and Communication." Click here for more details.

You can now register for Family Network Parent Retreats online! Click here to register now (it will take about 2 minutes!).
Parent Retreats
are planned for the weekends of:

 April 5-6, 2008
 More Dates Coming Soon!

We are starting to build a Family Network Photo Album. To see pictures of Family Network retreats and events as we update it, visit our photo album! Please send Lynn more photos to add to our collection.

The Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP) Saskatchewan Inc. is celebrating 25 years. A commemorative book, Toy Box Angels: A Collection of ECIP Family Stories, is available for $14.95. Please contact 306-789-3637 to get your copy, or go to their website at 

Who are we?

The Saskatchewan Family Network is a branch of the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living that links families together who have a family member with a disability

We are an active growing network of families across Saskatchewan who :

Have family members with disabilities

Believe in the power, uniqueness,    
        knowledge and strength of families

Recognize the crucial role of our 
        families in creating healthy Canadian 
        communities that celebrate the 
        richness of diversity

What do we do?

Most of what we do is we have fun together. Through our regional and provincial retreats and workshops, we rest, learn and rejuvenate in an accepting environment that celebrates the diversity of our families. We are

Maya Reichel, chair of the family network committee, hiking with her sons and her husband Brad.

stronger advocates and stronger families when we expand our circle of support and knowledge.

The Family Network has a committee (Judy Anderson, Gini Calvert, Shelley Garner, Rita Kube, Gloria Mahussier, Celine Muller and Maya Reichel) and a coordinator (Lynn Schaan) who connect families and plan regional and provincial events and retreats.

Who is a Family Network Member?

A Family Network member is someone from your region who:

 is a parent or relative of a person with a disability
 believes in full community inclusion 
 receives the family network newsletter
 attends the annual seminar or regional meetings
 may be open to networking with other family and community members
 may want to organize meetings for families around any particular or general issue

How do I Join the Family Network?  

Click here to download our pamphlet or e-mail your request for information to our Family Network Coordinator.

The Saskatchewan Connection

Below are past issues of the Saskatchewan Connection, the quarterly newsletter of the Saskatchewan Family Network.

Winter 2006 (current issue)


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