Early Childhood Intervention
There is a province-wide network of community-based family support services for parents and caregivers with children who have delays in developing or who have a disability. The Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP) helps children from birth until they enter the school system. Parents and family members are given support and information to help them in the care and overall development of their child.

Families are the primary focus for meeting their children's needs and become active team members with the ECIP staff and other community service providers. The ECIP staff goes to the family home or other designated place of the family's choosing at least once every two weeks. Families are provided with information, resources and support to help them meet the needs. Parents enhance their understanding of how children grow and learn and they develop a strong sense of control as their child's primary advocate and teacher.

In 2001-2002, ECIP Sask. Inc. was funded by Saskatchewan Social Services for 614 spaces and by First Nations Band Councils for 82 for nearly 700 children among the 15 ECIPs throughout the province.
For more information on ECIP and for contact information of the program nearest you, call the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Intervention Programs, Sask. Inc. Executive Director, Arlene Nicol at (306) 789-3637 or email [email protected].

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