Who We Are

The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL) is a non-profit organization that ensures citizens who have an intellectual disability are full, active and valued members of society, and that they have worthwhile opportunities and a range of choices in all aspects of life.

Our history is a testimony to the hard work of families and volunteers over the past five decades. Their belief in a better life for everyone in the community still fuels what we do today. The SACL works on a variety of fronts to see that these elements are fully present in people's lives:
     Citizenship: Rights and freedoms are respected and protected, and people have the opportunity to meet obligations as participating and contributing citizens.
 Membership: People with intellectual disabilities belong to families, friends and neighbourhoods, with full access to and participation in schools, places of work, and the community.
 Self-Determination: People have an active and decisive voice in making decisions that affect their lives.

Building a life that is rewarding, enriching and stimulating is the same dream for any citizen.

To find out more about SACL. read our Annual Report:

SACL Annual Report 2006/07


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