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Grants & bursaries


Grants and bursaries are available for researchers, students and others investigating health, prevention, education, justice and social issues that affect people with intellectual disabilities. Each year, the Association offers thousands of dollars in bursaries and grants. Many are available through bursary and scholarship offices at Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions or through directly through the SACL, the Canadian ACL and the Roeher Institute. You can also go directly to the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundations of Canada. For information about financial support available, call the SACL, (306) 955-3344; fax (306) 373-3070 or email: [email protected].

Bursaries and Grants available from the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living

Branch Inclusive Recreation Initiatives: Proposals for a maximum of $2,000 each may be awarded to develop inclusive recreation and leisure programs in Saskatchewan communities. Projects will provide inclusive options focusing on participation in generic community-based recreation and leisure. The promotion of partnership with local agencies and programs and transferable models that could be repeated in other communities are favoured. Proposals must be submitted and/or endorsed by an SACL branch and successful applicants will be notified by May 31st.

Putting Life into the Community Projects: Branches of the SACL may apply for funds generated from province-wide donations of used clothing and household goods to the Saskatchewan Institute on Community Living. Projects must focus on at least one of the following: enabling full citizenship, creating greater public education and awareness about inclusion, promoting self-determination and empowerment, strengthening families and family support. Annual grants vary.

Henderson Research Grant: This memorial fund is designated to promote research and advocacy that expands knowledge in the area of intellectual disability with regard to health, education and social issues. An annual grant of $1,000 is offered.

Howie Research Fund: The fund is available to applicants who wish to expand their knowledge on intellectual disability through primary research or attendance at educational training events. Focus areas include: inclusive education, early childhood intervention, creative supports, and person-centered planning. An annual grant of $1,000 is offered.

Meica Bristol Fund: In honour of Meica, an 11-year-old girl who had a vibrant spirit and zest for a full life, the fund promotes work in inclusive education and human rights. An annual grant of $500 is offered.

Malech Endowment: Funds from this trust can directly benefit specific individuals in elements of life including spiritualilty, self-employment and entrepreneurship including training and support, creative residential options, literacy, recreation and leisure. Annual grant varies.

Justice Bursary: The bursary is open to students at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina. It supports study and research into the interaction of the justice system or human rights or specific laws and people with intellectual disabilities. Areas of focus include the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, impact of the legal system and process, education and awareness for legal professionals. An annual grant of $500 is offered.

For more details and an application form for any of the above SACL bursaries and grants, contact the SACL.

Carol Ann Foundation bursaries are available through the Bursary and Scholarships offices at SIAST campuses (Kelsey and Wascana), Lakeland College (Lloydminster), the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina. These bursaries encourage the interest and study of issues that affect people with intellectual disabilities. Ten $500 bursaries may be awarded annually by the educational institutions.

The Mark Fox Bursary is open to students at the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, who demonstrate an interest in the support, growth and development of children with intellectual disabilities. Information is available through the U of S Bursary and Scholarships office. One $500 bursary may be awarded annually.



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