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Provincial Staff

Kevin McTavish
Executive Director
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 129

Kim Hague
Assistant Executive Director
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 114

Finance & Administration

Christina Martens-Funk, CPA, CA
Director of Finance
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 111


Katherine Andersen
Executive Assistant
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 100

Olivia Zhang
Financial Administration Assistant
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 127

Community Development

Connie Andersen
Director of Community Development                   Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 126

Grace MacLennan                                                           Development Assistant                                   Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 128


Travis Neufeld 
Communications & Marketing Manager
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 120 


The Inclusion Team

Nich Fraser
Director of Inclusion 
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 124         [email protected]


Dallas Tetarenko
Community Inclusion Consultant - Saskatoon
Tel: 306-220-9280              [email protected]


Tara Belanger
Community Inclusion Consultant - Valley View 
Tel: 306-684-2346                  [email protected]


Allyssha Ernst
Community Inclusion Consultant - PA/North 
Tel: 306-763-5604                 [email protected]


Graham Dickson
Director of Community Engagement, NPI
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 119 [email protected]

Megan Wells (Mat Leave)
Director of Community Engagement 
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 119      [email protected]


Alaina Harrison (Mat Leave)
Community Inclusion Consultant - Regina
Tel: 306-790-5684                [email protected]


Michele Fitzpatrick
Community Inclusion Consultant - Valley View
Tel: 306-513-8041           [email protected]


Dallas Tetarenko                                       Community Inclusion Consultant - Self-Advocacy   Tel: 306-220-9280              [email protected]


Lynn Gore                                             Community Inclusion Consultant - Regina      Tel: 306-790-5684            [email protected]

Employment, Education & Transition

Sheila Anderson
Manager of Employment, Education, and Transitions Saskatoon and East-Central Region Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 122

Marci Down
Employment, Education, and Transition Facilitator - Regina and Area                             Tel: 306-790-5685


Alyssa Lindsay
Employment, Education, and Transition Facilitator
Saskatoon and West-Central Region

Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 115


Christopher Kirstein
Manager of Employment Initiatives &
Labour Market Facilitator, 
Ready, Willing & Able   Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 117


Aneela Murad
Employment, Education, and Transition Facilitator
Prince Albert and Region

Tel: 306-763-5606 

Strategic Initiatives

Judy Hannah
Director of Strategic Initiatives 
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 112 

Amy Leonard
Self-Directed Funding Facilitator
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 116

Youth Programs & Family Network

Nicole Graham 
Youth Program & Family Network Coordinator 
Tel: 306-955-3344 ext. 123