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Valley View Centre Transitions

On February 24, 2012  the Honourable June Draude, Minister responsible for Social Services announced, “The Province of Saskatchewan will begin planning and consultations with residents of Valley View Centre, their families and key stakeholders for new services to replace the current Valley View program...we will develop services that better support  the inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities...”

The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL) and the Valley View Centre Family Group Branch (VVCFG) support the Government of Saskatchewan’s approach to transitioning individuals at Valley View Centre to community-based residential services and supports.

  • The Government has chosen to consult with community organizations and stakeholders throughout the planning process.
  • The Government is partnering with the SACL and VVCFG branch.
  • Individuals, families and support networks have an opportunity to be engaged and active in developing personal transition plans early in the process.
  • Individuals, families and/or support network have the choice to utilize a SACL Advocate dedicated to the Valley View Centre transition in the development of their individual plan.
  • A primary goal is to maintain the quality of life and to minimize any potential negative impacts the transition may have on an individual.
  • The transition plan includes ongoing contact and support to ensure the individual’s quality of life is maintained in his or her new home.
  • A period of four years has been planned for the transition.
  • All of the above actions allow for a Saskatchewan-made solution.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities not residing at Valley View Centre and their families are concerned they will be competing with VVC residents for residential services and day programming.

  • The SACL is working with individuals and families to help ensure that the VVC transition plan will strengthen the service delivery system as a whole.

Services developed to meet the needs of individuals who will transition from the Centre are also intended to expand and enhance the continuum of resources available to support all individuals with intellectual disabilities in Saskatchewan. The transition of the residents to community based services and supports provides an opportunity to develop new and innovative resources to support the needs of individuals with a range of unique or complex support requirements that the current community spectrum may be challenged to support appropriately.

More residential options will be explored, resulting in greater choice for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Other jurisdictions have developed and established innovative housing solutions and day programs that promote community inclusion and independent living.  These models are working, and need to be introduced into a Saskatchewan made solution.

The SACL is honoured and ready to take on the responsibility of working with, and supporting the individuals transitioning out of Valley View Centre and their families. We recognize that this is a time of excitement and apprehension for change, and we will be here for it all. From the beginning until long after all the transitions are complete.

Read the Valley View Centre Transition Planning Recommendations to the Ministry of Social Services

If you have any questions or would like SACL involved in your transition plan please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Director of Inclusion
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Transition Plan Advocate
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Transition Plan Advocate 
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