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Family Network

The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living’s (SACL) Family Network is a network of families throughout Saskatchewan who:

  • have family members with disabilities,
  • believe in the power, uniqueness, knowledge and strength of families across Saskatchewan; and/or
  • believe that all people should be valued, supported and included members of society and have opportunities and choices in all aspects of life.

"Even if nothing more ever changed for my child with a disability, I know I can make it through this journey because I am not alone."

The SACL employs a family network coordinator who connects families, organizes events, and provides support and information to the network.

Family network events include a variety of workshops, activities and retreats, which build relationships, and provide an opportunity to share experiences, resources and knowledge. Some work may be involved, but overall these events are just plain fun!  

“Couple events are so important as it helps my husband; he finds that he has no other dad’s to talk to.”

The SACL’s Family Network also includes a Sibling Network for brothers and sisters of individuals with disabilities. We host a number of sibling retreats each year creating the opportunity for youth to share their voice and connect with other youth their own age. The Sibling Network acts as a safe place or group members can go to for support, and be there for each other in return.

If you would like to learn more about our family or sibling network please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Graham by telephone 306.955.3344 ext. 123 or by email [email protected]

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