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The Self Advocacy Action Group (SAAG), with the help of support people from SACL and CLD, individuals with intellectual disabilities organized The Self Advocacy Action Group (SAAG). For seven years Self-Advocates have had a vehicle to have their voice heard in Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the group was to take action and teach others with intellectual disabilities about the rightsof all people. Self-Advocates have also worked to educated others about what it is like to live with an intellectual disability.

Today there are 22 members that live in different communities across the province. They travel province-wide and give presentations to teach others

  • About the rights of all people;
  • To promote positive attitudes towards persons with intellectual disabilities
  • And to work towards building inclusive communities.

SAAG members share stories about their lives so that others understand what it is like to live with a disability. They talk about the good things in their lives and also about the things that they would like to change in the future.

SAAG members talk to groups of people about:

  • Their right to be a citizen in their community;
  • Their right to have friends and to be in a relationship;
  • Their right to a good education and life long learning;
  • Their right to work and have enough money;
  • And their right to be treated respectfully and participate in the decisions that affect them.

What does SAAG do?

Presentations: SAAG presents to schools, post-secondary classes, organizations, families and anyone else who would like to learn more about people with disabilities.

Skits: SAAG members perform skits, they are a lot of fun and a good way to teach people about important issues

Video: SAAG members have created a video called "Choices: Empowerment for Living”. In this video, SAAG members talk about their right to live in a home of their choice, and have the support that they need.

Video: They have also partnered with Fusion Inclusion to create a video called “Inclusion is more then 9 to 3”.

SAAG members are volunteers but Saskatchewan Association for Community Living does accept honorariums to offset their travel expenses.

How do I book a SAAG presentation?

To book a presentation or have any of your questions answered please contact:

Lynne Harley, Facilitator of S.A.A.G.
306-955-3344 or Email: [email protected]