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The Kids on the Block (KOB) puppet troupe had another successful year in spreading the message of inclusion around the province. The purpose of the program is to increase acceptance and appreciation of differences, which are central to our communities. By providing awareness of disabilities and social issues through the use of large puppets and live theatre, the Kids on the Block are able to educate and dispel myths relating to individuals who have disabilities.

The continued focus of the program is to tap into the diversity of Saskatchewan through performances for Community Schools, Aboriginal Communities, Hutterite Communities, Churches, Festivals, Preschools and various day camps. Every venue was receptive to the message of inclusion that the program promotes; over 7,000 children, teachers, parents and community members around the province saw the show in 2008. New scripts and discussion topics have been added to the presentation, including simulation activities to help children understand why people may communicate and respond to their environment another way.

KOB has partnered with the Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities for their Girl Power Camps, combining a puppet show with some Youth Facilitation. The feedback we have received from the participants has been very positive; the young women have stated their appreciation that there is a program dedicated to educating and shaping the general public's perception of people with disabilities.

The City of Saskatoon awarded funding to the program, which was used to visit 6 Community Schools and 21 Park Play Programs within Saskatoon. The Kids on the Block program continues to acknowledge and appreciate the generous funding received by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.