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Information and resources


We provide comprehensive materials for a variety of audiences. One of the most common requests for information comes from new parents who have just learned their infant or young child has an intellectual disability. Each information package is carefully tailored to meet the sometimes sensitive needs of the request. Single packages are free of charge.

The Current: This newsletter is an aptly named in-house information periodical that is intended for SACL members who want to keep abreast of Association news, activities, events and meetings. For a current copy, contact the SACL at (306) 955-3344, fax (306) 373-3070 or email: [email protected].

The SACL publishes a number of in-house resources; many are free, others are for sale, and all are available by contacting the SACL, 3031 Louise Street, Saskatoon, SK, S7J 3L1. The SACL also offers for sale a number of books from publishers like the Roeher Institute, Inclusion Press, Diverse City Press, Brookes Publishing, Woodbine House and others. For bulk orders, shipping charges may be applied. Here is a sample of resources for sale. For a complete list of resources for sale, contact the SACL.

Navigating the System: An Advocacy Handbook for Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities. Saskatoon, SK: SACL, 2005. Free to parents. (download order form)

A Parents' Guide to Inclusive Education. Miazdyck, Dionne. Saskatoon, SK: SACL, 2003. Free to parents. Available outside Saskatchewan for the cost of shipping. Contact SACL for details.

The Road Map to the Future: A financial planning guide for families of people with disabilities. Saskatoon, SK: SACL, 2003. $15 (download order form)

Life Landscapes: The Saskatchewan family resilience project. (Shipping $2) $10 (download order form)

Life Landscapes: Saskatchewan advocate stories of success-A collection created by People First of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon, SK: SACL, 2003. (Shipping $2) $10 (download order form)

Dialect magazine. Back issues may be available. Free single copies.

Choices: Empowerment for Living. The self-advocacy video project. VHS video available from the Division of Media and Technology, University of Saskatchewan, 306-966-4261. For companion manual:(download order form)

School to Life Transition Handbook: Five steps to successful planning. Free to download from

Reflections: Commemorative booklet on the occasion of the SACL's 40th Anniversary $2

Foundations for Community Living: Putting the human in human services, orientation booklet $10

The Right Stuff: A plain language book about basic human rights (2nd printing). Free

Idea Man, illustrated children's book by Karin Melberg Schwier  $5

SACL's Statement of Beliefs & Positions on Social Issues. Free single copies.

SACL corporate brochure: Empower, Energize, Connect. Free single copies.

Creating Supportive Communities: SACL Annual Report. Free back issues of previous annual reports are available.


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