John Dolan Resource Centre

The SACL provides up-to-date information on subjects related to people with intellectual disabilities, their families, friends, teachers, employers, service providers, advocates, support workers and others who care about creating more supportive, inclusive communities.

The Resource Centre, named in honour of one of the founding parents of the Association, offers nearly 5000 items including books, reports, video and audio materials, journals, training kits, and information packages. A vast range of information is offered, from archival materials to the most current resources available including SACL-published materials.

The Resource Centre loans most materials free of charge. Some borrowing fees apply to specific materials, and some materials are only available for in-house viewing. As much advance notice as possible is requested for materials; return is expected promptly to avoid delays for other patrons.

For more information, contact:

Lalita Martfeld, Resource Centre librarian
3031 Louise Street
Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L1

Telephone: (306) 955-3344
Fax: (306) 373-3070

[email protected]


Dr. John Dolan, 1915-1991

John Dolan received an Honourary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Saskatchewan for his lifetime of work for people with intellectual disabilities. Dolan began his work in the mid-1950's when he and his wife Lena--after adopting a child, Norma, who had a disability--called together parents to develop services and create better acceptance of their children with disabilities. Dr. Dolan served as the executive director of the Association for many years, and maintained his interest and connections to the Association long after his retirement.