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Putting life in the community


Funds from the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association are managed by the SACL for particular community development of inclusive recreation and leisure opportunities. Community recreation and leisure groups can apply for funding to develop more innovative ways to include people with disabilities in community sport and leisure activities. The SACL believes that people with and without disabilities can play side-by-side to enjoy true community living. For information about funding applications for your project, call the SACL, (306) 955-3344; fax (306) 373-3070 or email: [email protected].

Inclusive Recreation Awards stimulate branch innovations

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association provided $16,200 to SACL in support of these projects and also supports the SACL AGM and the publication of Dialect.

  • Biggar ACL $2000 went to provide a summer program for children who are delayed or at risk of delay between from 1-5 years of age.
  • Esterhazy and District ACL $2000 went to the Summer Respite/Recreation Program
    Hudson Bay Summer Leisure Program $500 was awarded to assist children and youth with disabilities to access community summer programs.
  • Melfort Parents Group $500 went to to support children with disabilities access community recreation and leisure summer programs. This project also received $500 from the SICL Putting Life in the Community Grant.
  • North East Early Childhood Intervention Program $1000 will support the “Buddies Workshop Project,” that provides support for children with disabilities to access community summer recreation and leisure programs. This project also has a literacy component that received $500 from the SACL Malech Endowment.
  • Pipestone Qu’Appelle ACL $1500 went to the Summer Respite/Recreation Program that provides support for children with disabilities to attend summer programs and activities.
  • Prince Albert ACL $1500 was awarded to the ACL’s INTERAC - Summer Recreation Project that provides caregivers for children with disabilities so that they can participate in community based summer programs and activities.
  • Quill Plains ACL $1500 was given to provide support for children and youth with disabilities to participate fully with their peers in community recreation programs and activities.
  • Saskatoon ACL $2000 will support their summer Camp Companion Program for children and teens with disabilities. This program provides support to attend inclusive camps during the summer months.
  • Saskatchewan Abilities Council - Swift Current Branch $1200 was awarded to support the Summer Fun Program for children and youth with disabilities.
  • Weyburn ACL $1500 was awarded to the ACL in partnership with the Weyburn ECIP to support the Sunny Scholars Program for children with disabilities and children from families who have low incomes, with a social skills program prior to entering kindergarten in the fall.
  • Wynnard Carres Summer program $1000 was awarded to support 6-8 young people to participate in summer recreation and leisure activities.

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