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Family & individual advocacy

The Association assists people as they work through issues in their lives with respect to access to education, employment, housing, social services, health and medical services and on issues of justice and human rights. This support is offered individually and as part of self-advocacy groups like People First to identify areas of interest as people gain skills to better represent their own views. The SACL's Employment Opportunities assists people who want to find jobs, change careers or receive pre-employment training.

The Saskatchewan Family Network is a recent initiative of the Association that brings together families throughout the province in an informal and growing network of support and strength. The Association was founded by determined parents who wanted to create better lives for their children; this conviction continues 50 years later.

The Family Network began as a project through the Grassroots Community Inclusion Initiative. It is based on the belief that families are the real experts when it comes to sharing knowledge and supporting others. Through the strength of its members, the Family Network has initiated lobby efforts to government in the areas of balancing work and family responsibilities, quality education and the lack of therapy services. A Canadian Association for Community Living roundtable discussion was organized as part of the national family support campaign. In 2002, the first of a series of books featuring family stories was launched.

The Network facilitates family connections in five regions of the province through parent-to-parent support in person, during regional gatherings or an annual get-together, with a newsletter, and by phone and mail. On a daily basis, families support each other to challenge systems that do not include their children, and work with communities to provide education and awareness.

For more information, contact the Facilitator, Saskatchewan Family Network at (306) 955-3344, fax (306) 373-3070 or email: [email protected].

Individual assistance is also offered to people with intellectual disabilities and their families who are not members of the Family Network. Call (306) 955-3344, fax (306) 373-3070 or email: [email protected] and ask for the Advocacy Worker assigned to your part of the province.

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